Men Leather Necklace Vintage Tribal Style Boho Hipppie Double Layered Black Braided Beaded Wolf Tooth Cross Pendant Necklace

  • Material: cowhide, wooden, dog tooth, natural material for sensitive skin, makes it comfortable, casual and wild, good choice for those who can't wear metalic jewelry.
  • Meaning: Design with wolf dog tooth pendant. Dog tooth has the function of warding off evil spirits and can protect you from bad luck, brings you good luck. Tip: Natural dog teeth vary in size, so the necklace you receive may be a little different from the picture.
  • Style: Pure natural leather necklace has a fine texture. Its value is decent. The unique design will show men’s strength, will make you stand out and make you full of male charm at all times.
  • Clasp: You will love the adjustability (bead slide) that doesnt slip so it holds the length you like.